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The Sea Of Icons
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Nothing more, nothing less. Just icons.
The Sea Of Icons

This is an icon community by phle. I try to update as much as possible, and make icons of many different fandoms - pokemon, disney, anime, cartoons and comics, models, nature, stock, & more. Please join the community, and if you like any of the icons you see, then please use them & credit this community or the user who made them. I hope you enjoy our icons.

• Please give credit to theseaoficons or the user who made them.
• Don't steal, please.
• Don't hotlink.
• Textless icons are not bases, unless otherwise noted in post. You may, however, add text and such for your own personal use.
• We love comments. You don't have to comment, but it'd be nice (^_^)
• Rules for moderators & icon makers can be found here.

How To Credit
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Are You An Icon Maker?
I'm currently looking for someone who can make icons & want to be a moderator here with me. I'm also looking for someone who just would like to be an icon maker here at this community.
• You have to like making icons.
• You have to "be around", if you want to be a moderator. If you're just an icon maker, you only have to post when you feel like it.
• You have to know the basics of icon making & posting.
Send me a message. if you are interested.

Have a request?
Send phle a message. I will take almost any request.

Comment here to be added to the list of affiliates.

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The Sea Of Icons