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First entry.

This post will be updated when it's needed.

The following users are maintainers for this community:

The following users are moderators for this community:

Our icon makers are the following users:

Rules for all moderators & icon makers:
• All icons must be 100x100 pixels.
• Icons can't be larger than 39.9KB
• No fake lj-cuts.
• When posting icons, use the icon tables that can be found here.
• Post three icons outside your lj-cut, as a preview.
• Post at least 10 icons when you post.
• Tag your post.
• The credit for the icons you post here goes to theseaoficons or yourself. Let the users who take the icons choose.
• Include "how to credit" in your post. The code can be found here.
• If you post icons to another community & want to link to your post in this community, include the image link in your post. Code can be found here.
• If you are a moderator, you need to "be around". Especially the first months. If you have a good reason why you have been gone, tell me. If you don't give me a reason, I'll remove you as a moderator.
• Please make your post public.
• Users who are only icon makers need to get their post approved by a maintainer or a moderator.

If you want to be a moderator who makes icons or just an icon maker, comment here. You can also comment here if you would like to be added to the list of affiliates. We will accept anyone who wants to affiliate, just remember to add theseaoficons to your list of affiliates as well.
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